Deceptive Science

Putting Numbers Into Context

We live in an era where information has become the most abundant resource in human history. This comes at two costs however. The first is our dependence on authority. An authoritative voice has been a much needed part of society for millennia. For example, the machinist has no authority on corporate finance. But one thing has changed the past two decades – the advent of the internet. This chanced our relationship with information and knowledge. The institutions that disseminated the usual narrative were no longer the only source of expert or niche opinions. And with this came the age of misinformation and the subjective nature of truth became evident. 

This leads to the second cost – an overabundance of people who have no way to navigate the vast ocean of narratives and scale. We sometimes forget perspective when dealing with a crisis. But we must understand scale, statistics, and information we just don’t know. If we have no idea what to compare a widespread statistic to, then what use is the statistic?

An example would be the COVID case counts, death counts, and the stories surrounding these numbers. First off, the American death counts are, as of Thanksgiving, 268,513. You might think it’s a lot, because it is. But that’s not the point. If you look up annual deaths from smoking, for example, you’ll find that 480,000 people have died last year, according to the CDC. Double what COVID has done. 

But this doesn’t address the issue we’re seeing of misidentification and misinterpretation. Deaths are being added to the total from two distinct classifications – deaths FROM COVID and deaths WITH COVID. This presents a huge issue with verification and statistical modeling. Each year, around 40 to 50 thousand people die from the Flu in the US. But those numbers have dropped off the charts for the 2020 cycle, further obscuring the real data. Our statistical models are being set by illegitimate numbers to justify the current draconian lockdowns.  

American Flu Data - WHO Illness Surveillance Network

In 2019 (from Jan. to Dec.), 10 million people around the globe contracted tuberculosis. Of that, 1.4 million died from the disease. To contrast this figure, COVID has infected close to 70 million world wide (from Dec. 2019 to Dec. 2020), with a fatality of 1.5 million people.

This means TB’s fatality ratio is 0.14%, while COVID sits at 0.02143%. No where close to TB’s ratio.

To make matters worse for the lockdown argument, total deaths in the US have not shifted dramatically in any direction. This was pointed out by the John’s Hopkins data analysis comparing deaths in the US from previous years. Below is a graph showing the total deaths by year in the United States, which can be found here.

So what does this mean for us? Well, for one, we must remember that the shocking numbers the corporate media continuously pump out are not correct. They are overblown with no chance of verification. The public must break away from the media paranoia. Otherwise, the media, in conjunction with big government, can do what ever they please while the public praises the eradication of their rights. 

Second, we must ask ourselves: “If the lockdowns worked, why are they needed a second time? And, if they did not work, then why are we going to do it again?” This is a sign of mental psychosis, or insanity – repeating the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. The truth is, lockdowns do not work, and neither do masks. The science has proven this time and time again, and now with the vast amount of statistical data from this pandemic, we have irrefutable proof that none of the authoritarian measures taken are effective at all.

Either way you cut it – the lockdowns had little to no effect on the actual statistical outcome. Deaths are not on the rise, while faulty tests lead to a huge spike in case numbers. And now we have stories of people asking to be put to death (euthanized) rather than face another lockdown. This is the face of a dystopian nightmare. And we must snap out of it. The lockdowns don’t work. COVID is not as deadly as we previously thought. And our rights are slowly being stripped away for the plastic excuse of public health.